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Meet the creator of the Partners in Marriage Theme!

North Carolina’s own Grammy Award winning songwriter, KJ Scriven is the magic behind the theme of Partners In Marriage!

Not only is he a patron of the moral ideals of family values, KJ Scriven’s PiM theme rhapsodizes the celebration of marriage that PiM strives to nourish in it’s clients every day.

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A Happy Marriage ~ By Dr. John L. Godbolt 

Seven couples, from very different walks of life, diverse backgrounds and a combination of nearly 350 years of marriage met to discuss communication, intimacy, infidelity, forgiveness and plethora of other topics. The result is a seven chapter tool that gives marriage a fighting chance.

This full color, self-help book was written to inspire happiness and make marriage a love journey. It is designed to assist couples in finding ways to handle differences before they become divisive enough to throw in the towel on their commitment. It is another tool for couples to combat the high divorce rate in our country and around the world. The 21 Day Love Journey (Chapter 3) will give engaged couples, newlyweds and the seasoned partners ideas and concepts to make their marriage a lasting relationship.

My wife and I wrote this for you, your family, and your friends with great expectation that it will change your life and enhance your relationship with your spouse.

Enjoy the journey!

John & Vertell
Partners in Marriage

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Our communication has improved markedly with the use of scheduled sit downs where we discuss areas of concern as well as strong points in our relationship. We also have become more intentional with our date nights, although we don’t focus on a specific day. We fit them in whenever we can and that has been effective for us. Finally, the element of spontaneity has been a great tool for us as well. We find that monotony can make a relationship stale, so we have become much more intentional about being spontaneous. These elements have worked well for us so far and we expect to see continued success as we recycle through the 21 day love journey over and over again.

L. Wayne Smalls
Leadership Consultant & Motivational Speaker

The 21 day love journey  was an experience was an experience we’ll never forget.

It gave us an opportunity to take everything we learned during the workshop and apply to real life scenarios. Making it a point to do something for our spouse and not ourselves was a unique experience. We didn’t realize how just after 6 years, we had begun to let the “little” acts of service slip away from us. I’ll never forget when my husband had a hot foot tub waiting on me because he heard me say that my feet were aching. And I was just thinking out loud and forgot I had mentioned it! It taught us that marriage is not anything you do haphazardly. It is intentionally and consistently considering your spouse.

Kammal and Tanita Peterson

What the love journey help us realize is ingrained in words like intentionality, commitment, dedication and decision towards our relationship as husband and wife are crucial. We saw that commitment to each other is more important than our degrees, possession or position. We were reminded that everything worthwhile takes intentionality, commitment, dedication and decision. So, why not our marriage? Also, we learned how to take the focus off of self and put the spotlight on our spouse.

When my husband and I decided to focus on each other and apply intentionality to our relationship, we learned to forgive faster and focus on the other person. It allowed us to rediscover ourselves as a couple and the things that made us fall in love in the first place. I love my husband more today than I used to and I feel overjoyed to see him happy because of my intentional efforts.

Mawufemo and Afiwa Alokpa

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